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I'm Derry

Personal technologist with over

20 years of professional experience

Did you know the average number of  connected devices per household is 5.2, and climbing? 

That’s a lot. And there are a million things to know about our smartphones, tablets, computers and home technology. None of us can know it all, and at the rate things change, it’s nearly impossible to consider ourselves experts in the field. This is where I come in.

I am a Personal Technologist - meeting with people like you every day to help with their technology - solving problems, learning new things, organizing, and getting creative. I love it, and truly believe so can you.

Every one of us needs technology in our lives - and for many, it's a hinderance. I understand, and this is why I am here. To bring my passion, love and excitement for technology to you, by sharing knowledge and helping you along the way.

Not only am I here  to help solve your technology issues, I educate. So if you want to dive into a creative project, learn to do things you thought out of reach, start that home business, solve an endless number of tech issues, become a confident user, the opportunity is upon you.

You bought all this great stuff. I  will help you OWN it.

Untangle and embrace the technology you use every day. 

In your home or business, where you need it most.


Understand, prepare and organize all the ways in which your        

technology can serve your needs.



Become comfortable in identifying and solving everyday problems.



Passwords, ID’s, updates, photos, music, email, documents. Get streamlined and control.



Start doing the things you’ve always wanted to do. With confidence.

What People Say

In addition to receiving a high level of guidance, clarification of my concerns and direction, I found Derry to be fully engaged at every turn while she, in what is obviously a routine part of her teaching style, created an atmosphere which made the entire learning experience a complete pleasure.  

~ Boston

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